Welcome to "Elite Pentest" - Showcasing My Achievements and Projects

Projects Showcase

Homemade Wi-Fi signal booster

A homemade Wi-Fi signal booster, is a DIY solution designed to enhance Wi-Fi signal strength in a specific direction. By modifying a Pringles can into a directional antenna, the device concentrates and amplifies Wi-Fi signals, potentially extending the range and improving connectivity in a targeted area. This makeshift approach aims to optimize Wi-Fi performance without the need for expensive commercial signal boosters.

Heated Overcoat

A testament to innovation in wearable technology, the heated overcoat combines style with functionality. Engineered for warmth and comfort, the integrated heating elements provide customizable temperature control. The sleek design ensures both aesthetic appeal and practicality, offering users a sophisticated solution for staying warm in colder climates.

Taser Gloves

A blend of innovation and functionality, the left-hand component features discreet high-voltage outputs for self-defense, prioritizing user safety. Complementing this, the right hand incorporates a plasma lighter for versatile applications, showcasing a careful integration of advanced electronics with real-world utility.

Metasploitable Hacking Project

Installed Metasploitable and executed hacking exercises, employing various penetration testing techniques such as vulnerability scanning, exploiting system weaknesses, and conducting simulated cyber attacks. Demonstrated proficiency in cybersecurity by identifying and addressing potential security threats, showcasing a hands-on approach to enhancing digital defenses.

Self-Showcase Website

Created personal website: Designed and developed a website to showcase skills, achievements, and professional background, effectively presenting a comprehensive overview of myself.

CTF Conquest

Navigated and triumphed in various Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges on platforms like TryHackMe and OverTheWire, demonstrating adeptness in applying cybersecurity knowledge to solve real-world problems and secure digital environments.

WPA2 Network Penetration Test

Conducted a cybersecurity project, hacking into my own WPA2-secured WiFi network using tools like airmon-ng on Kali Linux. Demonstrated practical skills in wireless network security testing and effective vulnerability identification.